Treatment and the Bereavement Event
> 1/19/2007 2:22:29 PM

Yesterday, we brought you the first part of our interview with Anita Sacks, LCSW, in which she described the anatomy of the bereavement event. Today, we're happy to present the second half of that interview. Here Ms. Sacks describes the questions and concerns that come into play during treatment. As she noted in yesterday's clip, bereavement is a unique biopsychosocial event, and thus requires a unique approach.

Toward the end of today's clip, Ms. Sacks also talks about her experiences after 9/11, when she was involved with the New York Disaster Counseling Coalition. That event had a profound effect on all Americans, and many New York City residents in particular. Ms. Sacks explains some of the elements that come into play when treating the acute symptoms of bereavement after a disaster like 9/11.

As with yesterday's clip, it is recommended that you have the most recent version of Quicktime installed, and allow several moments for the clip to load.

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