Obesity Survey Proves Denial Not Just a River in Egypt
> 8/3/2006 3:39:52 PM

According to the AP's story today, a Michagan based research company that contracts with the federal government as well as a couple dozen states, released survey results that show that more than 75% of obese Americans claim they eat healthy. A smaller, but still significant, number of obese also claim they exercise at least three times a week. The data came from a survey of more than 11,000 contacted at random by the firm, Thomson Medstat, using computer random digit dialing.

Statistics on the prevelence of obesity in the population jived pretty well with previous studies, which is a little surprising considering the information was entirely self-reported. What isn't that surprising is the amount of denial found in the survey results. There could be many explanations for how or why so many obese individuals consider themselves healthy eaters. Semantics seem an obvious choice, people may just not truly understand what it means to eat healthy or exercise vigorously. A leisurely stroll down the block to purchase a McDonald's McSalad doesn't quite cut the mustard. The fact of the matter is that those respondents who were overweight or obese are in denial about their condition--a fact that could have disasterous health repurcussions.

In the ongoing battle with our beltlines there are many roadblocks. Eating healthy and exercising properly are often hard work, and results can often seem beyond reach. The benefits though are real and worth achieving. What we don't need is to make our journeys any more difficult by obscurring the problem. As any veteran of AA or NA will attest, the first step is admitting you have a problem. We need to be realistic with ourselves if we ever hope to stem the growing tide of obesity.

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