More Bars Make For Dangerous Neighborhoods
> 6/28/2006 11:15:33 AM

A current and thoroughly unsurprising Reuters report references a six year study of hospital admissions across several California neighborhoods. The study in question concluded that increases in the number of establishments which serve alcohol in a specific area correlated directly with a greater incidence of violent crime. Not only were more assaults reported in areas with high concentrations of bars and alcohol-friendly establishments, but residents in these areas were more concerned about the degrees of local violence.

This conclusion truly seems to be a no-brainer: more bars equal more alcohol consumption. With widespread drinking comes reckless behavior and, inevitably,  instances of assault. Of course, excessive alcohol consumption does not only leave subjects prone to physical outbursts and confrontational posturing. In far too many cases, it also leads directly to unsafe sexual practice and greater susceptibility to related diseases.

In a minor miracle, most adults manage to drink with relative restraint, but anyone considering the topic would rightly conclude that a neighborhood with more bars will attract a larger number serial drunks and the social ills which inevitably accompany their presence. In short, when considering the merits of a potential home, those with familial or personal health concerns would be well advised to look for areas which are not dotted with watering holes. And if one's neighborhood starts to become overrun with such establishments, relocation could be for the best. 

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