Celebs Fight Mental Illness
> 6/23/2006 9:11:13 AM

Two high-profile recording artists, Eminem and American Idol-er Katherine McPhee, recently announced that they have been struggling with depression and bulimia respectively.

Eminem has not appeared in the public eye much since his second divorce from wife Kim and the shooting death of friend and collaborator Proof of D12. His spokesman recently confirmed that the rapper has been suffering from depression and receiving treatment. Eminem's spokesman has also confirmed that the star has been taking antidepressants as part of his efforts to fight off the disease.

As the runner-up in the most recent American Idol competition, Katherine McPhee has endured a meteoric rise to fame. This week she revealed that she has struggled with bulimia for much of her life. She made the announcement in hopes of raising awareness of the disease and its effects.

Reading stories like these is encouraging on many levels. When those in the spotlight use their time there to advance mental health issues like depression and eating disorders, it is generally a very positive thing. In choosing to be open about her experiences with bulimia, McPhee is saying to others that talking about it is okay, and breaking the silence is the first step to receiving treament. Eminem has not been as vocal about his depression, but there is hope that when he emerges, he will use his knowledge to help the millions of Americans who deal with depression on a regular basis.


Hi ima very big fan of eminem i just want to say that you know he's a very famous person he goes through alota stuff we dont have too and i mean i could understand why he would have depression iv got it to so i know. Eminem aka Marshall if your out there and your reading this im a big fan and i always will be i respect you and id die for you or hallie anything to make you happy your a great person i wish everybody could come to know you like i have your charming i love you bye katrina clifford aka slimsladie
Posted by: Katrina Clifford aka Slimsladie 7/12/2006 9:38:57 AM

Marshall Has been going through alot, through his whole life from when he was just a little kid to now. And im sure he would not want a fan to die for him. And yes many people do suffer from depression such as I, but I hope he gets better. ^-^ Im one of eminems big fans. <<33
Posted by: Sarah Burchat 3/14/2007 3:46:32 AM

I gotta say that Eminems song 'till I collapse' was part of my inspiration to speak up for myself and lead to my diagnosis of bipolar disorer type 2. I've since been listening to his music alot and he's words are now part of my life. I've realised now I have a huge brain and I'm going to use it to help people with disorders similar to me and show them they can live fulfilling lives and to stop hiding whats going on in their head. It doesn't surprise me at all that he also has a condition. Thanks Eminem keep tellin em how it is.
Posted by: Scott 4/29/2007 9:04:27 AM

wat the hell are you people on
Posted by: hell bent 5/9/2007 9:50:28 AM

well, he is still human and capable of being sick! let's judt pray for him. and,augh.,, not only him,as well as othr celebs.that's all folks..
Posted by: fam 12/13/2007 4:45:01 AM

Huge, huge fan of Mr. Mathers. I remember my friend, Toy, telling me that I must hear a song. The song was ,"I wish", from the Slim Shady LP. Too many similarities between the two of us. I only have answers that have helped me. Always a fan,Pete
Posted by: petemonet 1/9/2008 4:06:46 AM

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