Our Addictions Put a Pinch on the Pocketbook
> 6/6/2006 12:15:29 PM

MSN.com has an interesting story in their "Today's Picks" section this afternoon. The folks at Bankrate, a content contributor to MSN, offers up the piece, "Are your vices killing your finances?" In the piece, they analyze the financial burdens of alcohol, cigarettes and coffee. If ever you were looking for a reason to give any of the three up, look no further.

The group arrived at an average price of each of the three by examining circumstances in three American cities. They also factored tax and tip into the equation. The results:
  • For a drinker who consumes an average of two beers a day, the annual savings from quitting would total $2,920, and $4,380 if you are consuming well drinks.

  • Giving up cigarettes would save the average smoker $1,825 a year.

  • The annual savings from leaving Starbucks behind for good would total $1,460.

The piece also addresses the health concerns associated with each practice and their potential costs. Overall, the story is one heck of an eye opener.

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