Suspicious Accident Blamed on Sleeping Pills
> 5/5/2006 9:20:35 AM

There's been a lot of discussion lately about the need to "clean up Washington," well, last night may have provided exhibit A. Sometime around 2:45am Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D - R.I.) was involved in a single car accident when his vehicle, running lights off, slammed into a traffic barrier. Police were suspicious of Kennedy's behavior as he was witnessed stumbling as he exited his car.

In the wake of the accident, Kennedy has blamed his disoriented state on two prescription drugs, Ambien and Phenergan. Considering the recent negative press surrounding Ambien this seems a rather convenient excuse. Although, both drugs have been prescribed by a Capitol Hill doctor, Kennedy is certainly not above suspicion.

Sadly, this is just one more headline in what seems a stream of Congressmen behaving badly. Even if this accident can be tied back to Ambien, it just continues to highlight a reliance on drugs that sets an unhealthy tone for Americans across the country. And if an investigation determines that Ambien and Phenergan were indeed not involved, then there needs to be much stiffer penalties.


I too think the recent news reports regarding the effects of the sleepaing aid Ambien came to the rescue, once again, of a Kennedy. I'm so sick of the "Kennedy Curse". If Patrick Kennedy has a problem with prescription drugs, then what is the doctor doing prescribing these drugs that have such known side effects? Enough said.
Posted by: Deb 5/20/2006 11:16:51 AM

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