The New Miracle Drug is upon us!!!!
> 4/25/2006 11:15:53 AM

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Much like Prozac was heralded as the new miracle drug we now have Provigil. The previous article highlights what we here at Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments have already posted on here and here. There is no doubt that Provigil is an interesting drug but the underlying concern that we are looking to a stimulant drug to treat drug addiction has to raise concerns about the wisdom of such a strategy.

I often say if we treated cocaine like nicotine addiction by supplying those addicted to cocaine with a patch system of gradually decreasing amounts of cocaine that the lines for such a treatment would stretch around the block. Well here we go again with the NIH funding a strategy that is somewhat similar by giving Cocaine addicts Provigil. You would think the government would have learned from the Methadone Clinics that medically induced compomising of sobriety only leads to an ultimate burden to society that must be cleaned up eventually. I for one think there are better solutions to treating Cocaine addiction but what do I know, I have only had the pleasure of helping thousands of addicted people, over 20 years of practice, free themselves of their addictions and never relied on an addictive medicine to accomplish the task. Go figure.

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