Meth Addiction Hits Baby Boomers
> 3/21/2006 11:38:50 AM

A report on ABC details how Baby Boomers, a group that has just recently begun to move into retirement, has its own unique set of issues in dealing with addiction. Readers of Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments won't be surprised to hear that the Baby Boomer age group, middled aged Americans, have seen a rise in methamphetamine addiction over the last couple of years. But as the ABC News story notes, there are particular dangers that can effect addicts at that age--consequences that their younger counterparts often don't need to be as concerned about.

The effects of addiction can be worse with age, causing high blood pressure, hypertension and a risk of heart attack. Prolonged use can lead to kidney disorders, liver or brain damage, depression and malnutrition, said Dr. Barbara Krantz of the Hanley Center, which offers drug treatment in West Palm Beach, Fla.

This is a group that often gets overlooked during conversations about drug addiction. We must continue to remember that our images of drug abusers have been skewed, and that there are millions of addicts that do not conform to ideals or fit into our preconceived packages. This doesn't make them any more or less in need or deserving of help.

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