For Many Workoholics, the Jokes Aren't Funny
> 3/29/2006 8:54:26 AM

Reuters has a story out today about the dangers of compulsive working. It may sound ridiculous, and lots of people might envy their drive, but for those Americans who are workoholics, the problem is very real and has dramatically effected their lives.

One sufferer, quoted in the Reuters story, explains the dilemma of dealing with his problem:

"It's been called the addiction that society applauds," said Mike, a physician and member of the group known as WA.

"People brag about it and say, 'I'm a workaholic,'" he said. "But workaholics burn out and then you've lost them or they become very dysfunctional and bitter and cynical in the organisation and corrosive."

As with other addictions or compulsive behaviors, there are underlying causes, and to truly treat the compulsion, one must address those underlying causes. In the case of workoholics, sometimes the signs of damaging behavior are not as clear. Friends, co-workers and bosses need to be on the watch to make sure that someone they know is working themselves into the ground.

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