A Story of Injury and Perseverance
> 3/27/2006 2:27:10 PM

Joan Ryan, a staff writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, has been following the story of Sgt. Michael Buyas since April 2005. Having lost both of his legs when his armord Stryker was hit by an IED outside of Mosul, Iraq, Buyas returned to the U.S. a hero in his homestate of Washington. But as Ryan eloqently details in her thoroughly reported story from today's Chronicle, returning to the states was just the beginning of a new battle for Sgt. Buyas.

What Ryan conveys better than most writers is the day to day struggle. Scenes like one where Buyas bathes or where he disgustedly chokes down his cocktail of pills paint a more complete picture of what injured soldiers face upon return. Ryan also makes sure to document the emotional struggles that Buyas faces, especially those that stand in his way as a double amputee. But perhaps the one aspect of his recovery that is best documented is the strain that his return has placed on his relationship with his wife and family. While Buyas' love is never in question, he and his wife fight often and work to come to terms with their new roles. It is a splendid, emotional piece and certainly one worthy of your time.

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