Ecstasy's Memory Effects Can Be Permanent
> 3/22/2006 3:04:53 PM

The effects of ecstasy on the brain are many, but non may be as prevelent as the drug's effect on memory. As Reuters reported today, new research has found that those effects can in fact be permanent if drug abuse persists.

"The message should be loud and clear that if you're using a lot, you're not going to recover learning and memory," Dr. Konstantine K. Zakzanis of the University of Toronto at Scarborough, the study's lead author.

In a previous study, Zakzanis et. al had demonstrated that memory loss could be linked directly to the use of ecstasy, but in this new study the group showed that depending on the individual and the amount of use, there was a chance that the brain may never recover its memory and learning capabilities.

"The general conclusions that one can make are that if you stop using, your memory won't get worse," Zakzanis said. "Depending on how much you've used, your memory may or may not recover."

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