Meth Ads Portray Awful Truth
> 2/27/2006 12:14:58 PM

In a new ad campaign funded by entrepreneur Thomas Siebel, the devastating effects of meth are portrayed in graphic detail. Called the Montana Meth Project, Siebel's effort is a "community prevention effort aimed at the methamphetamine problem in Montana.

The campaign has a three pronged attack, utilizing video, print and audio spots. Each has a grit and graphicness that punches you right in the gut. Montana has a serious problem with the drug, and Siebel felt it was time for an equally serious solution. Tony Kaye, director of the film American History X, was brought on board, and with ads ready to roll, the Montana Meth Project has let loose with over 60,000 combined minutes of airtime on radio and TV and 150 newspaper ads.

The early responses have been very positive, and there is talk of expanding the breadth of the project's reach. Using the link below you can watch three of the television spots. For more information, use the link to the project above. There you will also find radio and print ads which are also well worth the time.


Wow. Just, wow.Those did hit pretty hard. I hope they have the intended affect- I never wanted to do meth before, but the thought of doing it now is even more disturbing.
Posted by: CAD Monkey 3/29/2006 9:03:41 AM

Programs of this sort are rarely as effective as their creators want to believe. While they might prevent a small percentage of potential meth users from trying the drug, it won't deter the majority. People likely to use such substances (or engage in other self-destructive addictive behaviour) are often at least moderately, if not fully, aware of the consequences. Their mindset sees the short-term benefits far outweighing the long-term damage. They either see themselves as indestructable ("I'm better than that, I can control it, it won't happen to me.") or they simply don't care what happens to them as long as they get what they want now. A huge percentage of those who abuse drugs are mentally ill, and self-medicating to cope with a disorder that they are unable to get effective treatment for.
Posted by: Hardrock 8/15/2006 12:14:16 PM

I use to be very self destructive. I really didnt care what happened to me. One day I asked a guy if he new of any drugs to help me get as thin as my friends. He gave me meth but didnt tell me what it was. I remember scratching and needing to put socks on my hands to try to stop. I heard voices calling me and I was covered in sweat. I remember a guy finally bringing a Pizza for me. This was a delivery guy who always tried to pick me up. When he saw me after 7 days of not bathing, well I never saw him again. What made me flush the meth down the toilet was I have always had bad skin. The meth started coming out of my skin. Huge hard pimples. I was digging my face till it bled. I will never try that stuff again. My own vainity saved me. Ill never do it again just because of that.
Posted by: Chickie 9/11/2006 9:24:11 AM

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Posted by: FatFrank 2/18/2008 9:18:35 AM

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