In the Mood for Love
> 2/15/2006 8:52:42 AM

While you may have forgotten, as you stroll across the blogsphere, but today is Valentine's Day. And in the spirit of the season it's important to remember that loving, lasting relationships can have very tangible benefits. Beyond companionship and support, a loving mate can help us achieve a longer and healthier life.

This timely article from enumerates some of research that has shown the benefits of relationships on a person's overall health. Lower blood pressure, stronger immune responses not to mention lower stress levels are all experienced by folks who are in healthy relationships.

"So," you might be saying, "obviously being in a relationship is preferable to NOT being in a relationship." Well, my friend, then this piece, from the Chicago Sun-Times is for you. In Relationships: What's your secret?" writer Maureen Jenkins talks with Michael Maniacci, Ph.D., a clinical psychiatrist practicing in Chicago. Maniacci offers ten tips to maintaining successful relationships. They are listed here, but check out the remainder of the article for Maniacci's comments.
  • 1. Trust is essential
  • 2. Keep communication lines open
  • 3. Share a spiritual bond
  • 4. Stay on the same page
  • 5. Don't forget to be friends
  • 6. Maintain separate identities
  • 7. Don't take each other for granted
  • 8. Be intimate in and out of bed
  • 9. Keep priorities in order
  • 10. Remember why you fell for each other

Below: Clare and Sam Loventhal have been married for over 57 years. Their love has kept them together, but studies show that it may also given them both longer lives.

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