Treat the Family to Increase Efficacy in Treatment of Children
> 2/10/2006 2:26:03 PM

Dr. Jenny Isaacs explains, in this vlog entry, how the family unit is an important piece when treating children.

There is a great deal of research based evidence to support this practice, some of which can be found using these links:

Hemphill, S.A. & Littlefield, L. (2001). Evaluation of a short-term group therapy program for children with behavior problems and their parents. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 39, 823841.

Hoagwood, K. E. (2005). Family-based services in children's mental health: A research review and synthesis. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 46, 690

Kazdin, A. E., & Wassell, G. (2000). Therapeutic changes in children, parents, and families resulting from treatment of children with conduct problems. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 39, 414-420.

Kazdin, A. E., & Whitley, M. K. (2003). Treatment of Parental Stress to Enhance Therapeutic Change Among Children Referred for Aggressive and Antisocial Behavior. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 71, 504515.


Um, this ain't exactly news. Try:Alexander, J. & Parsons, B.V. (1973). Short-term behavioral invervention with delinquent families: Impact on family processes and recidivism. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, (81), 219-225.Palazzoli-Selvini, M., Boscolo, L., Cecchin, G.F., & Prata, G. (1974). The treatment of children through brief therapy of their parents. Family Process (16), 429-442.Bowen, M. (1966). The use of family therapy in clinical practice. Comprehensive Psychiatry (7), 345-374.The ideas are 60 years old, the research is 30-40 years old. Better late to the party than not at all!
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