Getting Back to Work to Fight That Holiday Depression
> 1/3/2006 9:29:39 AM

It was a wild and woolly week off for many workers around the world, but as they trudge back to the office today folks can take solace in the findings of a new study from Gothenburg University in Sweden.   Studying hundreds of interviews with individuals from around the world, the researchers, led by Dr. Bengt Bruelde, sought to find the keys to fulfillment and happiness, the BBC reports.

Dr. Bruegle said: "The important thing is to remain active. From our research the people who were most active got the most joy. It may sound tempting to relax on a beach, but if you do it for too long it stops being satisfying."

He said the full research would be published in the summer.

Averil Leimon, of the British Psychological Society, said: "Hard work is satisfying, but only if it suits you.

"The work has to use a person's strengths otherwise it can be demoralising.

"If it does, research has shown that the happiness is not even linked to the rewards that are on offer."

But she added: "Relationships can also have a significant impact. Strong relationships whether through family, the church, friends or work can inoculate you against feeling low."

So no complaining today.  Hard work can be very satisfying.  And there's no better way to kick off 2006 than with a smile on your face.

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