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Were you scared? Nervous? Excited? Apprehensive? Eager? Was it an enjoyable or painful experience?  Did you feel the chemistry?  Wed like to hear about your experience from the first time you met with a therapist.
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Just a few weeks ago was my first pdoc visit. With my tendency to over-research and over analyze, I knew what I had, and told him. I filled out a questionaire before my visit, and at some point during our talk he mentioned that it was pointless for me to be so miserable. That puzzled me, and I told him I wasn't miserable at all. He showed my my questionaire, and mentioned how many boxes I checked. I told him the form asked me for the last 6 months. He said "Oh, I guess it does" and changed the subject.That did make me wonder if on some level I was speaking from knowledge rather than from emotions. Or was I subconsciously fitting the symptoms? I don't think so, but...Also, the guy was somewhat of a prick. Maybe he was trying to bring me down from a bipolar confidence spike, but he did it with a couple of quiet "zingers" that brought me down in a hurry.
Posted by: Jon 12/23/2005 2:36:03 AM

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