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> 6/16/2008 10:50:56 AM

Teens' Eating Disorders Fueled by Anxiety - In Finland, researchers performed a year-long study that they say identifies anxiety as a strong predictor of teens who will experience disorder eating that persists for more than a short period, and occasionally into adulthood.

The Maturing Brain Parallels its Evolution - Scientists studying the human brain's development have found that specific areas tend to mature in a progression that mirrors the evolutionary course traveled over the millenia: that is, the older parts of the brain tend to mature earlier in life, while our more recent adaptations mature as we grow.

How Might Cocaine Interfere with Brain Development - A PLoS One Perspectives piece looks at the issue of in utero exposure to cocaine and how it affects brain development.

Working Out May Help Prevent Substance Abuse - Many have speculated about a direct link between exercise and drug and alcohol abstinence, but now researchers are starting to really drill down into the question to see if by feeding our brains healthy doses of physical exertion we might be less inclined to provide it unhealthy diversions.

Suicide Rate High in Violent Death Data - Data collection being handled by the CDC has started to produce results on the specifics of violent deaths in the U.S., and it appears as though suicides account for a larger percentage than first suspected.

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