AADT's Session Wrap-Up
> 5/5/2008 9:31:48 AM

High Self Esteem Puts Some on the Defensive - Confidence may be overrated - self-opinion and vulnerability are more complex than previously thought. Positive impressions of oneself can amount to a "fragile and shallow" cover that leaves one more susceptible to insult and injury.

Weight Loss Possible When Self-Belief High - True confidence, on the other hand, can prove to be the best weapon in the weight-loss fight. While education is essential, those who are most confident in their ability to take off the weight also usually have the greatest success rates.

College's High Cost, Before You Even Apply - With high school graduation rates at an all-time high and even mid-tier colleges growing more selective, the application process ended in disappointment for a larger percentage of students this year than ever before. The anxieties that come with the extended higher-ed drama also create significant mental health problems for an unfortunate number of these kids.

Antipsychotic Drugs Up Pneumonia Risk in Elderly - The exact cause of this relationship is unknown, but older patients face a significantly higher risk of developing pneumonia while on antipsychotic medications, many of which should not be prescribed in the first place.

'Emotional Inflation' Leads To Stock Market Meltdown - The sense of elation that comes with great success in the financial world often leads investors to overestimate their own standing and make unwise decisions based on that belief. Further financial research should consider the extent to which human emotion helps to drive the market.

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