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Aerobic Exercise May Shield Aging Brain - There's truly no end to the benefits or regular exercise, particularly that of the aerobic variety. A healthier heart equals a sturdier brain, and merely a few minutes of brisk walking a day can improve memory, focus and other cognitive functions in older adults.

Brains Hard-Wired to Be Bad Losers - Our systems are designed to thrive on competition and the thrills of victory. We instinctually size up our rivals and we're rarely gracious in defeat.

Heavily Marketed Kids Cereals are Least Healthy - The foods your kids want most are probably the least healthy of the lot. Heavy with preservatives, processed grains and artificial sugars, these cereals sell on the appeal of their cartoon characters and toy tie-ins. "Low fat" and "low sugar" claims mean very little.

3 out of 4 American Woman Have Disordered Eating: Survey - Sure, everyone's gone through diet phases or periods of discomfort with their own bodies. But the problem goes far deeper than most can imagine. It would seem that the vast majority of women have at some point fallen into disordered behaviors relating to food. Purging is disturbingly common, with many women practicing this terribly unhealthy habit every day according to this new survey.

One in Four Teenagers Unhappy - Issues beyond the usual ups-and-downs of adolescence have obviously come into play when 1 in 4 teens say that they're "frequently depressed." Most probably wouldn't qualify for diagnosis, but those with chronic conditions must be identified as early as possible, and some extra sensitivity couldn't hurt.

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