AADT Session Wrap-Up
> 3/10/2008 8:01:46 AM

Faulty Memory May Explain Kids Bad Grades - Researchers are zeroing in on "working memory"—what we might call the brain's RAM—as a potential source of learning problems, including ADHD.

Should Children Have Televisions in their Bedrooms? - The New York Times' "Well" blog enters a debate that we've weighed in on in the past.

Drinking May Boost Blood Pressure More Than Thought - Genes play a roll in determining the effects that alcohol consumption has on blood pressure, with some drinkers registering BPs well above what was expected by researchers.

Knockout Head Injuries Found to Cause Loss of Brain Tissue - Canadian researchers reported that blows to the head resulting in unconsciousness lead to widespread tissue loss in some cases, which may explain the long-lasting effects these blows can have.

Practicing Self Control Consumes Real Energy - Cognitive Daily works through an interesting study that measured the energy expenditure of focusing your attention.

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