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Magically Delicious: Breakfast Keeps Teens Lean - A study of teens in Minnesota found that those who ate breakfast were on average five pounds lighter than their breakfast-skipping peers. This correlation seems strong because the more regularly a teenager ate breakfast, the lower their Body Mass Index fell. While eating an extra meal might not seem the best recipe for weight-loss, the researchers posit that breakfast allowed teens to resist the unhealthy temptations that they might have otherwise glutted on throughout the day.

You Can Have Comfort Food, With A Caveat - Some diet experts tell USA Today that comfort foods do not necessarily have to be abandoned in the quest to lose weight. Comfort foods are often associated in our minds with pleasant memories, and trying to give them up might make the general diet seem impossible. Instead, most experts suggest using portion control to partake of comfort foods in moderation.

Victims of Eating Disorders Emerging - As part of a conference in Houston on eating disorders, Menninger Clinic psychologist Theresa Fassihi gave an informative interview. She dispels many common misconceptions, such as one that eating disorders are just about vanity, and that only younger people and women are vulnerable.

Scientists Pinpoint Why Some People Become Addicts - Researchers used MRIs to show that cocaine addicts have impaired blood-flow to the regions of the brain that manage decision-making and impulse control. Varying levels of this brain alteration could explain why some addicts frequently relapse. 

New York Issues Permits for Green Carts - New York has been on the leading edge of government intervention in diet, and it will further cement its position by issuing 1,000 new permits for “green carts” to supply its citizens with fruits and vegetables. It is hoped that these carts will offer a healthy alternative to the traditional hot dogs that busy New Yorkers grab without fully weighing the consequences.

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