Great Advice from Self Magazine
> 11/30/2005 8:58:20 AM

Conde Nast's magazine Self always has some great tips for living a healthier and more fulfilling life.  Novemeber's issue was no different.  These were two of our personal favorite suggestions:

Power Lunch - A midday workout could boost your job performace by 15 percent, research at the University of Bristol in England suggests.  Workers rated themselves more productive and cool headed on days they excercised.  A half-hour walk or dance class today, a corner office tomorrow.

Wake-Up Call - Poping the herbal remedy valerian before bed may not lull you off to sleep.  Although the supplement supposedly eases insomnia, a study from the Universsity of California at San Francisco suggests it's no more effective that a placedbo.  Should late nights find you staring at the ceiling, try following a soothing bedtime ritual (warm bath, relaxing read, lights out).

For more great info and advice, check out Self magazine.

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