AADT Session Wrap-Up
> 2/4/2008 10:30:04 AM

Study Backs Value of US State Anti-Smoking Bans - Investigation by the CDC as well as independent researchers concluded that anti-smoke efforts at the state level correlated with reduced smoking in those states, and states that spent more to fight smoking had smaller smoker populations.

Depressed Mice Reveal Critical Chemical Pathway - By working with mice bred to exhibit a similar genotype as some humans with unipolar depression, researchers feel that they have discovered an important signaling mechanism that may affect mood regulation, as their report explains.

Infants Eliminate Mercury in Vaccines Faster Than Previously Thought - In the ongoing debate over the use of mercury in vaccines and its link to autism, a new study published in Pediatrics fires a damaging volley by reporting that regulations and conclusions built around adults' experience with mercury may not be relevant to this discussion.

A Little Worry May be Good for Your Health - Happiness research has revealed that while it's certainly healthier to be happier than it is to be sad, those who are moderately happy tend to be healthier and more successful than those that researchers labeled "extremely happy."

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