AADT Session Wrap-Up
> 1/14/2008 11:00:57 AM

A Link Between Anxiety and Heart Attacks - Research from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology helped to better illustrate the relationship between anxiety and the risk for heart problems.

A Few Extra Pounds May Harm Kids' Hearts - New evidence shows that even lower levels of excess fat can alter the heart and blood vessels of children, a team from the Medical College of Georgia found.

Annals of Filicide - Newsweek spoke with a Columbia University professor of psychiatry about one of the most difficult pathologies to understand: when a parent kills his own children.

Unpopular High School Girls Gain More Weight - A teen girl's perception of her own popularity, in comparison to her classmates, was found to correlate with her future weight gain, with girls who viewed themselves as less popular gaining more weight than those who saw themselves as more popular.

The Moral Instinct - Neuroscientist and psychologist Steven Pinker weighed in this weekend with an in depth look at what we know about how humans are and are not hardwired for morality.

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