AADT Session Wrap-Up
> 12/10/2007 11:27:14 AM

Obesity's Influence Growing - We've repeatedly written about the expanding childhood obesity trend and the health epidemic it will almost certainly become, and two new studies from The United States and Denmark confirm that this health threat is international and that its destructive influence on the western health care system will only continue to grow as obese kids become at-risk adults.

Soldier's Prosecution Raises Ethical Questions
- The probable court-martial of an American soldier who attempted to commit suicide in Iraq on charges of "endangering the life of another solider" and superiors' accusations that her obvious mental illness is "an excuse" for criminal conduct spurs debate regarding the miltary's sensitivity to serious psychiatric disorders and the behaviors they induce.

Stop Smoking Clinics Work - British National Health Service reports encouraging success with stop-smoking clinics based on the outpatient rehab model; public funding gives support to lower-income citizens who need clinical help and nicotine replacement therapy to stop smoking.

Depression Linked to Thinning Bones in Middle-Aged Women
- Premenopausal women suffering from depression face a heightened risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures due to a bone-thinning phenomenon comparable to that caused by smoking, calcium deficiency or overly sedentary lifestyles.

Club Drug Damage Similar to Traumatic Brain Injury
- New study reveals that drugs like ecstasy and various forms of methamphetamine can lead to cell loss, brain damage and functional protein irregularities similar to those experienced after severe head injury.

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