AADT's Session Wrap-Up
> 12/3/2007 9:52:50 AM

Last week we saw that infants are pretty perceptive. We also got updates on a developing story regarding prescription pain medications. Examining the tragic death of Megan Meier, we also weighed in on cyber-bullying. Here's a chance to catch-up on some of the stories from last week that made headlines elsewhere on the web:

MRI Scans Show Second-Hand Smoke Damage to Lungs - Using magnetic resonance imaging, doctors have identified structural damage to non-smokers lungs caused by second-hand smoke that is nearly identical to the damage typically observed in smokers.

N.J. Sharpens Liquor-Law Policing - As part of a new ‘Last Drink Initiative,’ police officers will begin collecting data on where individuals stopped for DUI purchased their last drink. The goal is to steer investigators from the Alcoholic Beverage Control agency toward areas and distributors who make a habit of serving intoxicated people, which is illegal in New Jersey.

A Working Brain Model - Scientists working in Switzerland have had early success in creating a computer model of the human brain that responds in similar ways as a human brain to stimuli.

Mental Patient Backlog Jams ERs in Georgia - As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last week, a lack of bed spaces in mental hospitals in Georgia has led to emergency room back logs as mental health patients must wait for transfer and proper care.

Success Depends on Others Failing - German researchers recently published a paper explaining how they found that social comparison plays an enormous role in the way humans process rewards, be they salary for work done or small prizes for questions answered.

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