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> 11/26/2007 10:03:02 AM

We hope that everyone had a healthy and safe Thanksgiving! The long holiday weekend is over, and not only is it time to get back to work, but it's also time to start burning off those extra calories we picked up on Thursday evening (and Friday afternoon, and Friday night, and Saturday morning...). There's no better place to start the work week than by catching up on some of the important mental health stories with our Session Wrap-Up:

Older Workers Stress Less - The age of the average American worker should slowly increase over the next decade, so it is good news that researchers from the University of Michigan have found that compared to their younger counterparts older workers feel less stressed in the workplace.

Study: Sleep Deficit May Be Impossible to Make Up - Bad news for the chronically sleep deprived: some scientists believe that frequent withdrawers on sleep dept may be unable to pay that debt down after a while.

Is the Inability to Express Emotions Hereditary? - Alexithymia, or the inability to express emotions properly, appears to have a strong genetic component according to data acquired in a large twin study.

The Hidden Cost of Heroism - Self-sacrificing behavior, often thought of as the antithesis of sociopathy, has proved equally perplexing to psychologists: why do some give their own lives to save even total strangers?

Study: Kids Will Eat Healthy School Food - Data culled from Minnesota school cafeteria sales contradicts earlier study findings, which reported that students wouldn’t eat healthy options. Not only did the University of Minnesota survey indicate student interest, but healthier options were also not any more expensive, as had been previously reported.

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