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> 11/19/2007 9:42:03 AM

Last week saw the 31st anniversary of the Great American Smokeout, marking a chance for anyone who has thought about quitting to take that first step. The state of Florida did take a big first step, by moving to fix the treatment of the mentally ill in the prison system. We also saw that addressing the cognitive declines associated with depression comes in steps, and getting treatment must come first. Some other big stories made headlines last week, and now you can catch up in our Session Wrap-Up.

Some Bipolar Patients Have Higher Suicide Risk - A study from Spain identified a family history of suicide as one of the strongest predictors of suicidality, particularly for individuals with bipolar disorder.

When a Pack of Cigarettes Costs $222 - The Freakonomics authors point to a new paper that uses healthcare data to estimate the actual cost of a pack of cigarettes.

Sociopaths Could Be Lacking a "Guardian Angel of Behavior" - Abnormalities in the prefrontal cortex may explain why some individuals have problems controlling their rage or reigning in impulses, and some researchers believe this could help explain the behavior of some criminals.

Mont. Sees Rise in Youth Drug Abuse Rate - The state of Montana is struggling with alcohol and drug abuse rates that are above the national average, and the hope is that federal grants will help the state turn around the culture there.

Study Pinpoints Factors for Early Sex - According to researchers, several factors increase a teen’s likelihood to engage in sexual activity at or before 15. Among those mentioned prominently are “not feeling close to parents, low self-esteem and lots of TV.”

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