Sleep Shown to Effect School Performance
> 11/14/2005 9:39:42 AM

A new studyby researchers in Springfield, MO, looked at the correlation betweenschool performance and sleep in elementary school children.  It islittle surprise that the study found that students who stayed up latehad the most difficulty with learning new material and rememberingolder material.  There was also a noticable fall off in thequality of work being done by the students who were up the latest. 


While you rightly comment that this findings of this study go without saying, the deeper question is, what is the appropriate amount of sleep for a growing child? And how does that vary with age?Certainly, numerous studies have shown it to eight-hours, yet younger children and adolescents may need more -- potentially up to ten hours in some studies?Also, is there an upperbound after which additional sleep is no longer constructive? That is, do we want our kids missing out on life for sake of sleeping ten hours each day?
Posted by: Sharon Carter 11/14/2005 12:38:59 PM

A key part of this study was to look at the impact of sleep loss on hyperactivity. There is some evidence suggesting that hyperactive behaviour is a way of staying awake whilst suffering from sleep deprivation. This study did not show any connection, hyperactive behaviour declined slightly when the children slept less. However the amount of sleep lost in this study may not be enough to replicate the state achieved by long term sleep problems.
You can read more this study and links to sleep + adhd here [ ]
Posted by: Chris Tregenza 11/28/2005 2:33:57 AM

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