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> 10/1/2007 10:21:19 AM

We’ve been hard at work on some surprises that should be just around the corner, and so we haven’t been able to cover all the news that we’d like to. While we did mention a number of important stories last week, including alcohol’s link to breast cancer, depression treatment advantages, and Risperidone receiving FDA approval for treatment of children, there were other issues we didn’t get to cover. So catch up this Monday morning with our first October Wrap-Up.

Gene Tests That Help People Quit Smoking - A clearer view of our genes is paving the way for targeted and more effective uses of psychopharmacological compounds, and that may mean more successful attempts at smoking cessation.

Girls' Friendships Can Prevent Dating Abuse - A strong circle of friends plays an important role in the stages of dating, finds a study in BMC Nursing. By working as a filter and buffer, friends allow early relationships to grow in healthy ways.

Preventing Sexual Assault by Engaging College Men - With roughly 25% of college women experiencing sexual violence at some level, forward thinkers are looking at a new model for engaging men in reducing sexual assaults.

Nicotine Replacement Helps Expectant Women Quit - Despite all our knowledge about the dangers, smoking remains a problem for many pregnant families. New research shows that nicotine replacement can be an effective strategy.

Teens Driven to Distraction: Nature or Nurture? - Staring through the prism of young drivers, USA Today looks at some of the new research around adolescents, and how they differ from adults.

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