AADT's Session Wrap-Up
> 9/24/2007 9:46:48 AM

Adults with ADHD, suicidal senior citizens, and college counseling centers were just some of the areas in need of attention that we highlighted last week. While examining those problems, we did miss a handful of important and interesting mental health related stories, which we present to you now, in our weekly Session Wrap-Up.

Mental Health Courts: A Strategy that Works - Research into the successes and failures of San Francisco’s mental health courts sheds light on how these courts reduce recidivism.

Panel: Iraq Vets With Post-Traumatic Stress Should Get Lifelong Care - In an important step, leaders of a presidential commission recommended that Iraq veterans receive lifetime support and benefits for post-traumatic stress and other mental wounds as well as those physical injuries sustained in battle.

Beyond Depression, An Exploration of New Ideas - After a bout with depression, one entrepreneur used her experiences to get back on her feet and help others fight the same affliction that had crippled her.

Anxiety May Persist after Miscarriage - New reports show that while depression remains a risk for women and couples after a miscarriage, anxiety may actually have the higher prevalence in the long term.

Racism's Toll May Be Physical - Could the stress response associated with exposure to racism and negative attitudes lead to greater physical problems for black men? Researchers from UCLA have strong evidence that it may, especially with regards to stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and infectious disease.

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