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> 9/17/2007 9:50:42 AM

Last week we found out that several things are not always what they seem. Smoking during pregnancy actually has a lot to do with depression. A common supplement may prove to be an effective treatment for gambling addiction. Plus a cancer drug could lead to a new bipolar disorder treatment. These weren't the only mental health stories that made news last week. Here are some of the others that highlight the week that was:

Stick-thin Still in for Models at NY Fashion Shows - Though it remains a contentious issue within the industry, the frighteningly slim size of runway models hasn’t generated much traction outside those small circles, and that’s a shame.

Expert Wants Alcohol Education for 4th Graders - While this headline may sound extreme, Dr. John E. Donovan simply wants to reach children before they have their first drink, which 10% of kids have done before 4th grade.

Family Meals May Have Lasting Impact on Kids' Diets - Dinnertime isn’t just a time for family togetherness, it’s also a great chance to establish healthy eating habits that will benefit children into adulthood.

College Students' Performance Suffers from Lack of Sleep - All-nighters aren’t just “rites of passage” for college students, they’re also evidence of sleep problems that can harm student performance and overall health. Now colleges are waking up to these issues and trying to find solutions.

Can't Quit Chocolate? Don't Fret, It's No Addiction - Researchers point to the usual suspects, sugar and fat, as the reason for the public’s thirst for chocolate, and not the healthy compounds that some have stipulated are the source of cravings.

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