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> 9/10/2007 9:23:21 AM

September rolled in with a number of exciting stories about antidepressants and depression treatment. Antidepressant warnings caused some harm, the placebo effect became a culprit, and new research pointed to new possibilities in medication for depression treatment. With all the important news about antidepressants, we did miss a couple of important and interesting stories from last week, which we hope you'll catch up with now:

Teen Cancer Survivors Show Mood and Behavior Problems - A battle with cancer will leave anyone ravaged, and new information shows that children, already navigating the difficult transition to adulthood, may have an especially difficult time recovering from the mental rigors of beating back the disease.

Why are Parents in Denial About Kids' Weight? - A poll released by Consumer Reports earlier this year revealed that while virtually all parents concede that obesity is a problem, only about half could identify if their child was obese. There's a handful of reasons for this problem, but only a few solutions.

Oxytocin and Understanding Other Minds - Vaughn at Mind Hacks blogs a bit about interesting new research that focuses on the hormone oxytocin and its role in human interaction.

Drug Use Stablilized in '06; Ecstasy, LSD a Concern - New data released by the federal government paints drug use in America in a positive light, even while prescription drug abuse continues to be a concern.

You and Your Quirky Kid - In a Newsweek article this week, writer Lorraine Ali offers some encouragement and advice to parents whose children aren't like everyone else's. In short, "Don't worry! Enjoy their differences."

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