New Study Examines Risk Factors for Suicide Completion in Major Depression
> 11/3/2005 2:31:32 PM

Major depression is a known risk factor for suicide, yet not all thosewith major depression commit suicide.  Recent estimates of thelifetime mortality risk by suicide of those with major depression putthe number at 3.4%.  In November's issue of the American Journal of Psychiatryresearchers have published their findings from a new study that lookedat the other risk factors that are at play in individuals with majordepression who eventually die by their own hand.
We found that current alcoholabuse/dependence and the presence of a cluster B personality disorderwere two independent risk factors for suicide among depressedindividuals.  In addition, we found that impulsive and aggressivebehaviors were associated with suicide, but this association was notindependent of cluster B and alcohol abuse in relation tosuicide.  These risk factors seem to play a larger role in youngersuicide victims  (age 18-40).
This study only looked at suicide in males (who are seven timesmore likely to commit suicide than females), but nevertheless theserisk factors, in the presence of a person suffering from majordepression, should certainly be heeded.  It is important for allthose battling major depression to seek help, but these risk factorsshould be cause for increased concern.

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