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Last week, we covered a number of interesting reports and stories that examined age and gender differences when it comes to issues of mental health. We discussed the difference between late and early onset autism, male and female social problems with autism, male and female alcohol abuse, and young and old alcohol abuse. In covering all of that, we had to skip a few noteworthy stories, which we present to you now.

Bulimia Symptoms Impair Daily Function-A survey of 3,000 Australians found that bulimia, while not always producing a visible symptoms, often leads to problems handling daily tasks. These problems were greater in women, who are more likely to tie their self-esteem to their body weight. This new evidence of the dangers of eating disorders makes a new trend called "wannarexia" even more troubling.  Another article interviews a few counselors on the disturbing trend of young girls admiring anorexics for their willpower and limelight.

Canada Looks to Ban Light Label on Cigarettes- After studies again showed that a large percentage of smokers were under the illusion that "light" cigarettes are healthier, Canada began putting together regulations to prohibit such deceptive labeling. This step has already been taken by the European Union, but unfortunately America continues to lag behind.

How the Misrepresenting of a Student Dissertation Wrecked Bereavement Counselling's Reputation
- A story about grief counseling that we broke two months ago has finally been picked up by other news sources. The British Psychological Society blog rehashes the problem of basing decades of discussion on a paper by Robert Neimeyer that does not even include the dubious statistics on which it hangs. These statistics can only be found on a student dissertation that is now showing its holes when finally subjected to peer review.

Italian Town to Pay Residents to Shed Flab- Residents of Varallo now have a clear monetary incentive to lose weight. Realizing that obesity brings a heavy healthcare burden, the government is offering 50 euros to men who lose 9 pounds and women who lose 7. They even receive a bonus if they manage to keep the weight off.

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