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> 7/30/2007 8:30:42 AM

Mental health news played host to some strange bedfellows last week: Britney and other drunk drivers shared space with a worrisome Salvia and a new model for a troubling problem. With all that excitement however, there were still some stories that we didn't get to, including meth, smoking and the siblings of schizophrenics. Take a minute this morning to catch up on some of last week's other important stories.

Crystal Meth Use Linked to Arrests, Violent Behavior - Research published in the journal Addiction found that crystal meth use was higher than previously thought and that usage was linked with a number of risk-taking behaviors.

Disney Pledges to Cut Out Smoking - Anti-smoking advocates won't have Mickey to kick around anymore as Disney has vowed to banish smoking from all their films geared toward children. This news coupled with talk of new harsh warnings makes last week one of success for healthy lungs.

All That Girl Talk Could Be Bad for Teens - Gossiping about negative feelings may leave little time for positive thoughts and emotions, researchers said last week, leading to greater susceptibility on the part of teen girls to depression and anxiety disorders.

Poor Diet in Pregnancy Can Cause Child Obesity: Study - A fetus's environment has been speculated to effect many areas of health over the course of history. Now scientists from New Zealand and the UK want to add obesity to that list.

Bush Panel Seeks Upgrade in Military Care - The President’s Commission on Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors arrived a little late to the debate last week in issuing their decision that the health care system was unfit to provide care to soldiers engaged in two modern wars.

Brain Abnormalities Seen in Sibs of Schizophrenics - A report in the Archives of General Psychiatry finds that the brains of healthy siblings of people with schizophrenia show signs of gray matter deficits.

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