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> 7/9/2007 10:03:02 AM

Welcome back from a long and meandering week of vacations and sun! We did our best to keep up and keep folks informed of all the mental health news coming down the pipe. There were reports released addressing many important topics including antidepressants and suicide, alcoholism, and the neurobiology of depression. While a lot of writers and blogger may have been at the beach, there were still some stories that made their way onto the web, and thus into our Session Wrap-Up.

Trouble in a 'Black Box' - Newsweek wins the award for first mainstream publication to reverse tracks on the antidepressant-suicide story with this piece that examines some of the new data about how the black box warnings have effected suicide rates.

Senate Votes in Favor of Mental Health Parity - The North Carolina state senate passed mental health parity legislation recently, setting the stage for the state to join the majority of U.S. states that have already done so ahead of the federal government's own action on the subject of parity.

Study: Signs of Autism Show Earlier in Some Children - Researchers from the Kennedy Krieger Institute reported on different patterns of development that can lead to an autism diagnosis, the central focus being on when the diagnosis can be made.

Experts: Pills Becoming the New Marijuana on Campus - CNN comes a little late to the game on the use of prescription drugs on campus, but their voice joins a growing chorus promoting awareness of the problem.

All Child-Play and No Workouts Make Dad an Unfit Boy - It turns out that having kids may also help pack on the pounds for parents as researchers report that parenthood dramatically reduces physical activity and fitness.

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