Spanish Hotel Smashes Stress
> 7/6/2007 9:01:42 AM

The powers that be at NH Hotels recently decided that their Acala, Spain, location was due for a little makeover. So this time, the NH Alcala hotel chose to go for a more conventional and cost-effective style of demolition. The hotel offered a group of highly stressed individuals a chance to exercise some cathertic agression on the four-star establishment's accouterments. Selected by a team of psychologists, the hotel solicited the help of thirty participants and allowed them to use sledgehammers and battering rams to smash, mirrors, walls and television sets.

Wearing protective gear, the stressed out amateur demolition crew gave the hotel some free publicity, while smashing away some of their pent up stress in a very unconventional, but effective way.

Speaking to the AP, psychologist Laura Garcia Agustin explained:

"After a few blows comes exhaustion and with it the release of pain-relieving endorphins which make us feel much better."

While the sledge hammer wielding participants got a free workout and some much needed stress relief, the hotel has invited them back in September for the unveiling of the new digs. They'll be returning as guests though, not construction workers.

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