President Speaks Out on Importance of Exercise for Mind and Body
> 6/28/2007 10:17:49 AM

The last several months have marked a low point for virtually everyone in Washington. Embroiled in an immigration debate that seemingly has every side unhappy, Congress and the President have seen support evaporate and both have faced tough questions on their effectiveness. But there is one issue on which President Bush has never wavered, and on which he continues to speak out: the benefits of physical fitness.

In an interview this morning on CBS's The Early Show, the President spoke about his own experiences with fitness--he is an avid runner and biker--and how his fitness has benefitted not only his physical health, but also his mental health. Speaking to Hannah Storm, the President, who will turn 61 on July 6th, had this to say:

"I believe strongly in exercise. I exercise a lot because it's good for my mind and good for my soul. But I hope I set a good example to others that exercise is good for you.

"I'm amazed at how young I feel," he said. "When I look back, I think, 'Wow, 60 is old!' I remember thinking, 'Golly, if I ever get to be 60, I'm ancient.' And I feel great, and I think most 60-year-olds feel really good, particularly those who have taken care of their body and are careful about what they put in their body."

It's clear that President Bush has and continues to set a tremendous example for all Americans when it comes to staying physically active. He also told Ms. Storm that not having time is a poor excuse, because Americans need to make fitness a priority, and once it's a priority, they'll find the time. Sometimes in the din of partisan bickering, important lessons and messsages from Washington can get lost. President Bush has done his best to send a powerful message about the importance of fitness. Let's just hope that this is one message that Americans hear loud and clear.

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