Stress Is A Laughing Matter
> 6/15/2007 1:52:59 PM

The next time you are ready to blow a gasket from pent up stress and anger, perhaps all you need is a hardy laugh. According to Susan Gayle, Certified Hypnotist and Founder of the New Behavior Institute, laughter can be the best anecdote to stress.

Speaking with Treatment Online Gayle said:

“When we are stressed, we tense our bodies and muscles, stressing ourselves physically and causing any number of problems, such as backaches, colds, stomach problems and others. Physical relaxation is the remedy and laughter is a shortcut to that. Laughter has a hopeful sound. When we are happy, we re-connect with our strength, we feel brighter and more energetic. All of that helps us overcome problems, whether they are physical or emotional. It is the best medicine - and besides that, it's free!”
Galye goes on to explain that, many Cancer treatment centers are getting in on the “joke”, often using comedic videos as part of their wellness programs. These types of tactics have been found to hasten recovery times in many patients.

Since stress is linked to the 6 leading causes of death – heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide, it goes without saying that the next good sidesplitting laugh could lower your stress level considerably.

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