AADT's Session Wrap-Up: Memorial Day Weekend Edition
> 5/25/2007 12:36:51 PM

We'll be off this coming Monday in honor of Memorial Day, so today we've got a special 2nd helping of our Session Wrap-Up. If you've found some interesting links that we've missed, be sure to post them in the comments.

How to Control Weight Gain When Prescribing Antidepressants - The trade publication Current Psychiatry has a comprehensive piece this month on dealing with the potential weight gain implications of antidepressant medication, and what doctors and therapists can do to help.

Iran, like the West, has a Drugs Problem - Most articles these days focus on the differences between the US and Iran, but this week Reuters looked at one problem that we all share: drug abuse.

200 Miles an Hour All the Time - Indy 500 winner Al Unser Jr. had a candid conversation with Newsweek about his fight with alcoholism saying, "I am an alcoholic."

Heavy-Drinking College Kids Make Worse Decisions - We wrote earlier this week about the effects of drinking on college students, but another report this month shows that those who binge-drink also have a propensity for poor decision making. As if the binge-drinking wasn't indication enough.

Pedal While You Work - The office treadmill was cool but impractical. That's Fit dug up another option that's a lot less conspicuous.

Bipolar Children - is the US Overdiagnosing? - In the wake of the tragic death of Rebecca Riley, New Scientist ways in, from across the pond, on the question of diagnosing children as bipolar.

Drug Addicts Vomit Out Their Ills in Thai Monastery - An out of the way monestary that advocates "a strict regimen of leaf-sweeping, steam baths, herbal medication and group vomiting:" it may prove helpful for some, but this is certainly not a method that has been vetted or tested.

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