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> 5/21/2007 9:53:20 AM

This week's Anxiety, Addiction and Depression Treatments Session Wrap-Up includes some interesting new research about sex offenders and the toll of anxiety on heart patients. Also, be sure to check out the mental health book that's making headlines for its recent garnering of Britain's top science book award.

Treating Trauma - The Baltimore Sun spoke with psychologist and author Aphrodite Matsakis about post-traumatic stress suffered in battle and how it can effect the lives of those back home upon a soldier's return.

Pursuit of Hapiness Leads to Top Science Book Prize - The Royal Society, Britain's equivalent of the National Academy of Sciences announced the winner of their book prize last week and it went to Stumbling on Hapiness, an excellent, accessible read about how we seek and occasionally succeed in finding hapiness.

Anxiety Increases Mortality Risk in Heart Patients - Research appearing in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology explains how anxiety can lead to negative outcomes in those with heart disease.

Boston Suburb Goes on a Diet, Slims Kids - The city of Somerville, Massachusetts, went on a collective diet, and as results published in the journal Obesity show, it worked.

Push to Achieve Tied to Suicide in Asian-American Women - Personal tragedy led academic Eliza Noh to pursue the roots of suicide in Asian-American women, who have the highest suicide rate for women in the U.S.

Sex Offenders Have Higher Rate of Mental Illness - As reported in the current issue of The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, researchers have concluded that sex offenders are six times as likely as men in the general population to have been hospitalized for mental illness.

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