Nobel Winning Economist Discusses His Own Asperger's Syndrome
> 4/30/2007 12:41:20 PM

The excellent economics blog Marginal Revolution pointed out this nice YouTube video of Nobel Prize winning economist Vernon Smith. Working and teaching at George Mason University, Smith has been outspoken about his own experiences with Asperger's, and his achievements serve as a powerful reminder of what many who deal with Asperger's can accomplish.

As Yale autism and Asperger's researcher Dr. Ami Klin points out in the clip, Smith is not a typical case, but even still his experience can be enlightening. He describes how what most perceive as his disability has actually been a boon to him in achieving all that he has achieved. Smith argues for erasing the stigma against those who do not think or process information the same as everyone else. These mental diversities, as he says, can provide new outlooks on difficult problems. The reporter also speaks to Dr. Smith's wife, who like her husband, has found some solace in his diagnosis, as they now know that there are other people that face similar obstacles. The point, as they make clear, is to not dismiss those with autism or Asperger's immediately, but to realize that they too have something to offer.

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