The Mistreatment of Depression has Many Costs
> 10/17/2005 11:47:22 AM

New information out of Coloradoshows that nearly half of all those who reported a diagnosis fordepression are not receiving treatment because the costs are just toogreat.
The sad truth is that depression, as an illness, is nottreated nearly as seriously as other more tangible diseases. Everyone can wrap their heads around cancer or influenza, but often theperson we see suffering from depression is just a "loner" or"downer."  In reality, these individuals are battling anaffliction which can be just as deadly or detrimental to their wellbeing. 
According to the 2003 National Healthcare Quality Reportalmost 80% of people diagnosed with depression are not receivingoptimal care.  That is a startling number which hints at a largerproblem caused by the loss of productivity, untimely death and generalunhappiness of sufferers.  Each of us is affected in some way bydepression.  Whether its the person in the next cubicle or next toyou in bed, the disease will touch each of our lives.  The costsare many and often densely layered.  With what we know, there isno excuse for a lack of treatment.  If need be, leaders in thefield of mental healthcare as well as those in Washington must come upwith more creative solutions. 
Depression has many costs.  Some we cannot afford to pay. 

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