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> 10/10/2005 4:01:23 PM

Today I spent my first day at Treatment Online, researching and readingmany of the mental health and health care related blogs to be found onthe internet.  There were stories of depression and anxiety,bipolar disorder and stress.  There were feelings that I couldrelate to and those that seemed incredibly foreign.  Psychologyand psychiatry can help and these voices, both young and old, are theproof.
We hope to use this space to bring together some of the great writingand discussion that is happening out in the world.  There will benothing that is out of bounds and I invite any and all to join in bysharing a story, relating important news clips or simply offeringencouragement.
I learned, in my wanderings through cyberspace, thattoday, October 10th is World Mental Health Day.  It is a day forlooking inward and taking stock of an aspect of our health that toooften goes unchecked.  It is also a time for talking with lovedones and making sure that they too are feeling tip top.  I realizethat it might be difficult, what with all the busy celebrations ofColumbus Day, but try to take a minute and give yourself the mentalonce over-- it can acutally be quite fun.  For more informationabout World Mental Health Day, check out this release from last week inMedical News Today.

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