Make Friends and Family The Highlight of Your Holiday
> 11/22/2006 12:56:48 PM

As we're sure you've heard, today is the busiest travel day the U.S. has seen in some time. Planes, trains and automobiles will be carting Americans all across our country to meet with family and friends for the sharing of what typically amounts to a meal of epic proportions. And after the dishes have been cleaned and pies served, most of us will retire to the TV room for consumption of football and perhaps light conversation. With all those tryptophans running around, there will probably also be some napping--some of which may be voluntarily, but a lot of which won't. One thing is for sure though: Thanksgiving is about eating.

This idea of Thanksgiving has been culturally propagated for decades, but it is nowhere set in stone. Like many of our holidays, food consumption (and with it, alcohol consumption) has taken precedent in this week's celebration. We gorge and then we rest, and while it might help us feel good for a short time, this type of celebration may end up feeling a little empty if not accompanied by the things that make holidays so special--our friends and family.

Thanksgiving is a great time for bringing together far flung relations. With a communal cause for celebration that reaches across racial and religious lines, we owe it to ourselves, as a nation, to spend this day and indeed this weekend catching up and interacting with the people we care about most. The food and the spirits of our celebrations may sate us for a short time, but divorced from the humor and love of a nurturing environment, Thanksgiving may end up feeling like just another day on the calendar. So tomorrow, whether you're sitting at a packed table or sidling up to a microwave meal, take time to reach out to those you care about. Reach for a hand, reach for the phone, reach for anything that will bring you closer to the people in your life that matter. Do your best to make it a great holiday, and make it a holiday worth remembering. Make it a holiday about family and friends, and be thankful for those around you. And be sure to travel safely!


Have a nice Thanksgiving. Thinking of our troops in Iraq and praying for friends and family
Posted by: Miranda 11/23/2006 1:43:44 AM

i don't think we really need a special holiday to get in touch with family and friends... we should do this more often, without a special ocasion.
Posted by: engineer 1/2/2008 8:31:39 AM

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